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What is a Pick Up Balloon Garland?

A pick up garland is the option in between a DIY Kit and On Site services.

We inflate, assemble and prepare your order for a super easy self installation!

What's included with a Pick Up Balloon Garland?

Everything you might need to properly install it! Command brand hooks, pre attached anchor ties to connect to hook and all the little tips from our professional experience to make it super easy!

We PROMISE, this is not hard! And if it is, we're available by phone & text to help you troubleshoot:)

Are Pick Up Balloon Garlands easy to hang?

SUPER super easy! We include all the tools you need and prepare the garland so all you have to do is attach the garland to a (included) hook!

We are in the process of making instructional guides for reference, but we will show you at pick up how simple and straight forward it is!

How long do your Balloon Stylings last?

When properly stored, weeks if not months! Please see our answer on proper storage below.

What size vehicle do I need to pick up?

SUV's, trucks with bed cover or a large sedan will all work! Yes, Tesla's have enough trunk space! The more space you can make, the better, but garlands are flexible and can be somewhat squeezed in.

Can I pick up my order a few days in advance and how should I store it?

Absolutely! We offer pick up appointments daily, typically 8-5 but can accommodate later pick up times.

The best way to store balloons is indoors & in a temperature regulated space (not the garage or garden shed). If possible, we also recommend keeping it out of direct sunlight for the most longevity.

Do you use helium?

Yes, but only for select items, like bouquets and single balloons. Garlands are all air filled and do not require helium.

Please note, helium is a limited resource and costly due to industry demand. Any and all items we sell with helium are also treated with a gel like substance that is designed to increase float time from hours to days. It is injected into the balloon prior to inflation and dries completely after coating the interior. It acts as a second layer to latex balloons and keeps the helium trapped inside for significantly longer. **WE CANNOT TREAT GENDER REVEAL BALLOONS**

The party is over and I no longer need balloons....what should I do with them?

We love to offer balloons on local community groups for free or reach out to local community facilities, like schools and senior care living! The joy we've watched leftover balloons bring to these groups is indescribable!

Alternatively, you can pop balloons! But in our efforts to use balloons responsibly for the environment, we ask that you please dispose of all materials. Scissors, wooden bbq skewers and our favorite, a vinyl peeling hook (check the dollar tree crafting section!) are all great tools!

How can I prevent popping?

We love this question! Our balloons are the best of the best on the market and made of superior quality.

Balloons tend to pop because of over inflation, sharp objects, hot surfaces (i.e. a metal roof), extreme heat and direct sun (like a triple digit temperature day at noon) and significant manipulation of a garland.

Why that last one? Well, on a hot day the latex tends to stick to itself and quickly pulling that adhesion apart will cause popping. To avoid this, keep balloons in a cool environment with the AC on or a fan to cool them. If they begin to stick and pop, apply cool air for a bit and then try again, peeling balloons slowly apart.

I know, it sounds intimidating and difficult but it truly is not! Most clients will not have this experience, but just in case, this is my professional go to trick that works wonders!

Do you ship?

Yes! We are constantly working to develop our shippable selections. We offer a variety of balloon decor, including but not limited to, garland kits, helium bouquet kits, tissue fringe tails and more! Please note, balloons do not ship inflated or assembled.

Do you offer 'matte' balloons?

Yes! All of our balloons can be matte in finish! Matte isn't dependent on the balloon, but the oxidation process. To achieve this look, balloons simply need to be exposed to air. If you are purchasing a DIY kit, we recommend inflating and assembling balloons a few days prior. Just be sure to read above on how to properly store it!